Český pohár MTBO, celkové vyhlášení, závěrečný večírek a MČR družstev | 26.-28.9.2020

SNS ČP 2020

Czech MTBO Championship Teams 2020 (Tomas Sikora Memorial)
10th– 12th round of Czech MTBO cup 2020
26th – 28th September

Welcome to the official website of the last Czech MTBO race-weekend of the year!

We would like you to offer something unconventional and pretty intensive - the special sports-culture adventure made by SNS Smrzovka team, where “four are more than two (races), and two are more than one (party).

As there is the National Holiday on September 28th in CZ, we´re not organizing only 3 Czech Cup races (long, sprint, middle) and Czech MTBO Championship Teams but also 2 “classic”(or not?) bike parties with ceremony of overall results of Czech Cup.

The event center will be in Kokonin (part of Jablonec nad Nisou) for the first three races. The owners of this place will help to take care of you and will provide catering in their restaurant. And do not worry, in the evening, everything will be ready for the parties. The last race – Teams will be held in sports area Vesec in Liberec, worldwide known as the center of Nordic World Ski Championship 2009.

Areas of the races can be found within riding distance from center and on the well-known maps from World MTBO Championships 2015 and Czech MTBO Championship 2010 Free Order. The ridge between Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec with the peak Cisarsky kamen (637 m) can provide hilly terrains but with promising experiences in Jizera Mountains.

We recommend training hard so you could fully enjoy challenging weekend which will hopefully become the unforgettable event for you!

Can´t wait to see you all soon!
SNS Smrzovka team

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